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Projects history

All the projects I've been involved with during my career

2048 Game
The famous 2048 game made with flutter
I've built a cross platform 2048 game using Flutter.
The web version can be found here.
Register for the apk distribution here.
Kiritchouk Clément Website
Firebase migration
Moving my website from private docker server to firebase hosting with server-side rendering using firebase functions Source:
Versioning system implementation
Fixes and new features on Front-end
In an existing solution, I had to implement a versioning system.
Every change is now tracked and you can get a history of all the changes made on a resource.
Kiritchouk Clément Website
Personal website
This is the website you're on, this is made with Vue and the Nuxt framework.
The website, the nginx reverse proxy and the https encryption are in containers.
Containers are hosted on a Vultr Ubuntu virtual private server
Front-end tasks
Fixes and new features on Front-end
Using AngularJs, I've added some features and fixed issues.
Services Refactoring
Refactoring some services to increase speed and maintainability
Old services needed an update. I've added caching, refactored for readability and increased consistency with the other newer services
Database migration
Migrating some services from Oracle to SQL Server
I did the migration of some services from Oracle to SQL server. For that, i've built DTSX package, updated code base and SQL queries
Mission anomalies Api
Building a .NET Api managing mission's anomalies
I've built an Api that manages anomalies on every missions. This service automatically creates anomaly when some criterias are met
Mission notes Api
Building a .NET Api managing mission's notes
I've built an Api holding all the mission notes, manual and automatic ones
Mission tracking Api
Building a .NET Api that reacts to marker events
There's marker on railway triggering everytime a train passes over.
On top of that, I've built an Api reacting to these events and automatically start, stop or declare a mission arrived.
Mobile app Api
Building a .NET Api for a mobile application
I've built an Api serving a Xamarin mobile app that alerts user of everything happening on the site.
The Api was subscribing to alert messages and then pushing notification to the mobile app after keeping an history of the alerts received in database I've used Jwt to authenticate users and then get their alerts based on the category they subscribed to.
Micro-services management
Building a micro-services management solution
I've built an MVC solution to manage all the micro-services.
I've used the IIS Administration Api to get all the applications of the server with the relevant data (CPU load, memory, ...).
Applications could be stopped, started and restarted via the interface.
You can see live logs of every applications with the help of SignalR.
There's also a dependency graph built with D3js.
The front was made with KnockoutJS, Vue and Bootstrap
Tim Mobile
ERP Solution mobile app
Done with Angular, this is the mobile version of Tim ERP Solution
RabbitMQ Message bus
Publishing/Subscribing messages between micro-services
To add reactivity to the application, the solution needed a way to update data asynchronously between micro-services. I replaced synchronous api calls by RabbitMQ Message bus.
ERP Solution
This is the first official project I've worked on.
It's an ERP solution based on ASP.NET MVC technology with the repository pattern.
Front-end is made with Bootstrap framework and KnockoutJS.