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About me...

How did I become a developer

My name is Clément, I'm a 25 years old Belgian developer.

I've started developing when I was 16, I had Java, Web and Managing classes. Web classes were about HTML & CSS and some Gimp. And I learned VBA in Managing classes.

I then pursue studying computer sciences where I continue learning Java, web technologies, accounting and in depth computer hardware and systems

While I was looking for work, I got in contact with a company that worked with Microsoft technologies. I started learning .NET Framework and C# and got hooked.

And then until now, I continued working with .NET, building apps and apis. In my free time I was eager to learn more about other technologies like front-end frameworks Angular-React-VueJs, mobile framework like Flutter and many more (Docker, SQL, Postgresql, python, Go, GraphQL, PWA, ...).

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